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 School News


Building The Education Revolution

Beaconsfield Primary School Redevelopment


 The redevelopment will include two new buildings on the school site.  Firstly a multi purpose facility for use by students all over the school and members of the community. Secondly a Beaconsfield Child and Family Centre will be constructed and used by parents and young children from the Beaconsfield community. 

The cost of the multi purpose building is approximately 2 million dollars and 4.5 million for the Beaconsfield Child and Family Centre.The multi purpose facility will be finished in March 2010 and the Beaconsfield Child and Family Centre will be finished in June in the same year.

NNIS Tasmania successfully tendered for the construction of the project which commenced in September 2009.

Building Report

26th July 2010


  You all got the outside look of the new ECE Block, but did you ever get to see the inside look? Don’t worry, it’s all here!



This photo is in the courtyard of the new ECE block. This tank collects the water from the gutter, but is connected to three other water tanks at the right end of the building. Behind this tank is a kinder and prep room. There is also another prep room and 1/2 class to the right. The students enjoy there new classrooms a lot!


This part of the new ECE block is an outdoor walkway. It is used by the kinders when they go out to their playground, the parents when they come to pick their kids up and also the children use it to enter and exit their classrooms. As you can see it is very shaded.


This is one of the entrances to the new ECE Block. But if you used this entrance then you would pass the new community library. It’s almost ready for use. The shelter pathway is finished and all that needs to be done is move in.


This is inside the kinder classroom in the new ECE block. It is very bright thanks to its skylights. It has about three little playrooms with toys in each. The kinders are lucky because they got supplied with lots of new stuff. They are very grateful!

By Georga

Grade 6