Welcome to Beaconsfield Primary School

At Beaconsfield Primary School we uphold the values of safety, fairness, learning and caring. These are reflected in our original school motto: “Esse Quam Videri” translated from the Latin as “To be rather than seeming to be.” They are especially reflected in our guiding principles or school rules which simply state: “Be Safe, Be Fair, Learn and Care.”
These guiding principles are on display throughout all areas of our school and also form the basis for an explicit teaching program by teachers in how children can practically apply these golden rules during their time at Beaconsfield Primary. These values also complement the School-wide Positive Behaviour Support approach that we take to managing issues relating to student behaviour and discipline.

An important part of this approach involves student incentives and rewards. We have a credit system that acknowledges positive behaviour in our students. This credit system includes the presentation of framed certificates, at various levels of attainment, presented at school assemblies usually with an accompanying letter for parents. Also we celebrate positive student achievement and behaviour with a Rewards Afternoon, once each term, usually involving various interesting and fun activities which children can choose to participate in.

Our team of dedicated and caring teachers work hard to ensure that children get the most out of these important years in their education. Individual needs are catered for with personalised learning being an essential consideration. We pride ourselves as a school on an atmosphere that is friendly, inclusive and a happy place for children to grow and learn.